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          Clarifying 'The Universal Prior is Malign': The Lexical Update
          interstice ·2020-01-15T00:00:36.682Z ·score: 6 (2 votes) ·comments (None)
          [question] Tips on how to promote effective altruism effectively? Less talk, more action.
          culturechange ·2020-01-14T23:17:34.697Z ·score: 1 (1 votes) ·answers+comments (None)
          A rant against robots
          Lê Nguyên Hoang (le-nguyen-hoang-1) ·2020-01-14T22:03:19.668Z ·score: 4 (2 votes) ·comments (None)
          Is backwards causation necessarily absurd?
          Chris_Leong ·2020-01-14T19:25:44.419Z ·score: 10 (3 votes) ·comments (3)
          CDT going bonkers... forever
          Stuart_Armstrong ·2020-01-14T16:19:13.256Z ·score: 38 (13 votes) ·comments (6)
          Austin LW/SSC Far-comers Meetup: Feb. 8, 1:30pm
          jchan ·2020-01-14T14:46:33.173Z ·score: 2 (1 votes) ·comments (None)
          Ascetic aesthetic
          Dominik Tujmer ·2020-01-14T12:58:31.894Z ·score: 16 (9 votes) ·comments (5)
          Red Flags for Rationalization
          dspeyer ·2020-01-14T07:34:42.821Z ·score: 22 (7 votes) ·comments (3)
          Advanced Anki (Memorization Software)
          ArthurRainbow ·2020-01-14T02:25:18.989Z ·score: 3 (1 votes) ·comments (None)
          Anki (Memorization Software) for Beginners
          ArthurRainbow ·2020-01-14T01:55:54.670Z ·score: 6 (3 votes) ·comments (None)
          Repossessing Degrees
          jkaufman ·2020-01-13T21:40:01.884Z ·score: 8 (3 votes) ·comments (11)
          [question] What is the relationship between Preference Learning and Value Learning?
          Riccardo Volpato (riccardo-volpato) ·2020-01-13T21:08:40.334Z ·score: 3 (2 votes) ·answers+comments (1)
          [link] Milk as a Metaphor for Existential Risk
          Evan Huus (evan-huus) ·2020-01-13T21:07:57.231Z ·score: 1 (1 votes) ·comments (None)
          What do we mean by “moral uncertainty”?
          MichaelA ·2020-01-13T12:13:11.565Z ·score: 16 (4 votes) ·comments (9)
          Why a New Rationalization Sequence?
          dspeyer ·2020-01-13T06:46:33.813Z ·score: 30 (8 votes) ·comments (5)
          Drawing Toward Power
          hiblick ·2020-01-13T04:24:23.960Z ·score: 11 (6 votes) ·comments (None)
          [question] How do you do hyperparameter searches in ML?
          lsusr ·2020-01-13T03:45:46.837Z ·score: 8 (3 votes) ·answers+comments (2)
          [question] How has the cost of clothing insulation changed since 1970 in the USA?
          DanielFilan ·2020-01-12T23:31:56.430Z ·score: 14 (3 votes) ·answers+comments (10)
          "human connection" as collaborative epistemics
          toonalfrink ·2020-01-12T23:16:26.487Z ·score: 21 (9 votes) ·comments (7)
          UML VI: Stochastic Gradient Descent
          sil ver (sil-ver) ·2020-01-12T21:59:25.606Z ·score: 13 (3 votes) ·comments (None)
          [link] Update on Ought's experiments on factored evaluation of arguments
          Owain_Evans ·2020-01-12T21:20:42.317Z ·score: 29 (11 votes) ·comments (None)
          [question] How would we check if "Mathematicians are generally more Law Abiding?"
          Raemon ·2020-01-12T20:23:05.479Z ·score: 28 (5 votes) ·answers+comments (4)
          [question] What long term good futures are possible. (Other than FAI)?
          Donald Hobson (donald-hobson) ·2020-01-12T18:04:52.803Z ·score: 8 (2 votes) ·answers+comments (5)
          Malign generalization without internal search
          Matthew Barnett (matthew-barnett) ·2020-01-12T18:03:43.042Z ·score: 20 (6 votes) ·comments (9)
          How to Identify an Immoral Maze
          Zvi ·2020-01-12T12:10:00.766Z ·score: 49 (12 votes) ·comments (11)
          Key Decision Analysis - a fundamental rationality technique
          elityre ·2020-01-12T05:59:57.704Z ·score: 43 (11 votes) ·comments (9)
          [link] Using Vickrey auctions as a price discovery mechanism
          epiphi ·2020-01-12T01:00:10.181Z ·score: 16 (4 votes) ·comments (1)
          [question] Is it worthwhile to save the cord blood and tissue?
          Alexei ·2020-01-11T21:52:24.256Z ·score: 12 (4 votes) ·answers+comments (5)
          Please Critique Things for the Review!
          Raemon ·2020-01-11T20:59:49.312Z ·score: 49 (12 votes) ·comments (23)
          Moral uncertainty vs related concepts
          MichaelA ·2020-01-11T10:03:17.592Z ·score: 15 (4 votes) ·comments (4)
          10 posts I like in the 2018 Review
          Ben Pace (Benito) ·2020-01-11T02:23:09.184Z ·score: 33 (7 votes) ·comments (None)
          [question] Is there a moral obligation to respect disagreed analysis?
          km42 ·2020-01-11T01:22:25.550Z ·score: 5 (3 votes) ·answers+comments (5)
          A method for fair bargaining over odds in 2 player bets!
          Agrippa Kellum (asktree) ·2020-01-11T01:18:23.185Z ·score: 8 (5 votes) ·comments (5)
          Of arguments and wagers
          paulfchristiano ·2020-01-10T22:20:02.213Z ·score: 55 (16 votes) ·comments (6)
          Book review: Rethinking Consciousness
          steve2152 ·2020-01-10T20:41:27.352Z ·score: 38 (12 votes) ·comments (26)
          Example: Markov Chain
          johnswentworth ·2020-01-10T20:19:31.309Z ·score: 9 (2 votes) ·comments (None)
          Offer of co-authorship
          Vanessa Kosoy (vanessa-kosoy) ·2020-01-10T17:44:00.977Z ·score: 18 (7 votes) ·comments (1)
          What is Success in an Immoral Maze?
          Zvi ·2020-01-10T13:20:01.090Z ·score: 37 (12 votes) ·comments (8)
          On Being Robust
          TurnTrout ·2020-01-10T03:51:28.185Z ·score: 39 (16 votes) ·comments (7)
          Halifax SSC Meetup -- Saturday 11/1/20
          interstice ·2020-01-10T03:35:48.772Z ·score: 4 (1 votes) ·comments (None)
          Farewell to the Entertainer
          jkaufman ·2020-01-10T02:30:01.702Z ·score: 3 (4 votes) ·comments (None)
          Outer alignment and imitative amplification
          evhub ·2020-01-10T00:26:40.480Z ·score: 25 (4 votes) ·comments (6)
          Criticism as Entertainment
          Elizabeth (pktechgirl) ·2020-01-09T22:20:01.058Z ·score: 67 (19 votes) ·comments (8)
          South Bay Meetup, Saturday 1/25
          DavidFriedman ·2020-01-09T20:03:08.948Z ·score: 3 (2 votes) ·comments (1)
          [link] Post-mortem on the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity forecasts
          bgold ·2020-01-09T19:38:33.289Z ·score: 10 (4 votes) ·comments (None)
          [question] Rationalist Scriptures?
          John Igo ·2020-01-09T16:59:08.444Z ·score: 3 (2 votes) ·answers+comments (8)
          Preference synthesis illustrated: Star Wars
          Stuart_Armstrong ·2020-01-09T16:47:26.567Z ·score: 17 (6 votes) ·comments (8)
          [Personal Experiment] Training YouTube's Algorithm
          lsusr ·2020-01-09T09:04:17.459Z ·score: 13 (5 votes) ·comments (3)
          Old Airports
          jkaufman ·2020-01-09T03:30:01.561Z ·score: 14 (4 votes) ·comments (1)
          Are "superforecasters" a real phenomenon?
          reallyeli ·2020-01-09T01:23:39.361Z ·score: 31 (12 votes) ·comments (25)
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